The Power of Silk

Silk is magical, there is no doubt. But HOW exactly?

After reading this, you would never look your silk garment the same again.. so let's go!


Silk is one of the most unique and luxurious materials.

Legend has it that Chinese Empress Xi Ling-Shi discovered silk over 5,000 years ago when a silkworm cocoon fell into her teacup. Her hot tea loosened the filament and as she unravelled the seemingly endless luminous strand around her finger, she realised what a stunning cloth it would make and so began the story of silk fabric, revered for hundreds of years by royalty and the wealthy.


We use silk to create our beautiful and powerful kimonos because of its amazing natural energy and life supporting properties.

Silk exudes opulence, has a luxurious feel and holds extensive natural benefits.

A true gift from mother nature, silk is delicately spun by the Bombyx mori otherwise known as a Silkworm. This little creature imparts life giving energy into the unique and single strand it spins and why sericulture has retained its’ magical appeal.


Each silk fibre has its own special positive charge. When interacting with it, a person, like a musical instrument, begins to sound in a new way.

Silk, unlike other natural textiles is created from a long unbroken thread which attributes to its ability to tune into and hold a vibration. So, when you settle into your flow-state wearing your kimono you can retain and maintain the levels of your positive resonance.


Like a mirrored shield, the reflective properties of silk may protect you from external psychological influences and negative life-draining energies.

Silk holds the best tensile and insulation strength compared to all other natural fibres and is three times stronger than Kevlar, the material used to make bulletproof vests. It is for this reason we have chosen to create our kimonos out of this thin yet effective and powerful armour.

The long, fine fibre from each cocoon extends over 1000 feet and once the threads are woven together it is the density and consistency that creates this most beautiful smooth texture. The silk fibre imparted from the silkworm is comprised of 97% proteins, sericin and fibroin which is what gives this supernatural garment its luminous sheen and finish.

In addition, this protein helps with the anti-ageing process and acts as an antioxidant, anti-pollutant, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal barrier. Silk’s fine texture keeps your skin hydrated, alleviates skin sensitivities and offers excellent thermoregulating properties.


Silk has proven healing powers. 

Used in ancient and modern-day medical science, silk continues to provide synergistic healing properties. Silk was used for suture stitches by ancient Asian cultures for many years and studies have shown it is so powerful that wounds covered with silk bandages recover up to 7 days faster. 

Today, silk proteins are being used extensively in medical products. Silk proteins are being applied to the skin to  reduce skin tumours caused by UVB light. Fibres are being used to engineer vascular tissue, cartilage, ligaments, and skin cells and assist in a wide variety of injuries including braces to hold together broken bones.


Silk helps to preserve a person's natural biofield. It maintains your internal energy balance and may enhance it. 

All beings emit a magnetic frequency of energy of what is known as our Biofield which extends to about 8 feet from our bodies. When we are in good spirits our energy field vibrates at a high frequency but if we are feeling down in the dumps our energy will be depleted and we must remove ourselves from any negative situations, people and places. To actively recharge we must reconnect with ourselves and protect our energy field.


high frequency clothing

In moments of fatigue, apathy, energy exhaustion, silk serves as a recharge, having a beneficial effect on both metal and physical performance.

The cocoon serves the silkworm as a safe and impenetrable chamber during its transformation, so too will this kimono serve to naturally protect you. Silk deflects negative external energy whilst still securing your energy field, allowing you to replenish your positive charge.


Silk is the best material for creativity, meditation and transformation. Attuning with the vibrations of a person, silk helps to better concentrate thoughts and increase creativity.

The blissful touch of silk against your skin allows you slip effortlessly into a state of calm. Silk is a highly effective insulator that helps to restore and protect your energy-field whilst also retaining your body’s physical balance. When your mind is not distracted by negative external forces, and you are able to surrender into the present you will find yourself able to unlock your creative thought processes and solve problems with ease.


Silk carries the strongest charge of sensual energy.

Silk has been holding its own for centuries when it comes to sex appeal, evident as the cells in your body prickle with energy when you it.


"Nature has quite literally combined her forces to help us create each exquisite Kimonogirl garment and you will feel this power when you wear it because we believe in keeping your energy elevated and sacred." - Margeri


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