Head of Design

Reka Szabo

As a graduate of fashion design, she worked for several, famous, womenswear fashion brands. 

Whilst it was thrilling in the beginning, after 6 years of full time designer work, she felt fashion had became empty and dull, she wanted more… but how? 

She started her own company, SKIN Companion, that focuses on fashion design and brand consulting to help other brands to come to life. But not just any brands, only the ones with amazing vision and mission.  As serendipity, we were able to meet her in the right time! 

“The day I met KimonoGirl and heard about their unique concept of Energy Fashion, I realised they are onto something exceptional and something that world not just needs, but is also ready for. 

To design KimonoGirl pieces is fascinating challenge, to create a beautiful armour that will not just protect and empower the wearer, but as well shine their confident and uniqueness to the world” 

We don’t believe coincidences, we believe in energy, and we are beyond grateful to have her in our KimonoGirl tribe.

Head of Social

Marta Roosmäe

Born in a small town in Southern Estonia, where you can always find peace and quiet, small city life was not for her. Quickly she decided to move to the capital, Tallinn. 

Before joining KimonoGirl, she worked 8 years in fashion industry, as a Fashion Buyer for one of the most famous fashion brands. Whilst she absolutely loved her job, it was time to experience more.. so she continued her career in sales & marketing. 

In her early twenties, after a lot of research and diving into books and documentaries, she discovered the Law of Attraction. It was there and then when she learned about the life-changing truth- we create our own reality through energy. She was drawn to it and wanted to put it in practise. 

The moment she heard about KimonoGirl, the light bulb went on and she was absolutely amazed. The energy fashion brand that is all about empowering by giving people life-changing superpowers, was something she wanted to be part of. 

I am so fascinated by the fact that just a few significant changes in our lives, for example wearing energy fashion, can totally change the direction we are going to, and who we are becoming.

I love to create beautiful social media content for KimonoGirl brand, to help inspire and motivate our tribe to unlock their fullest potential.”

Energy Master

SAM Nassiri

Sam is a certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master and published Author with a passion for wellness, and transformation.

Having previously worked in the corporate industry, Sam then followed his intuition to embark on his own journey of self-discovery, where he travelled across, studied and resided in the sacred Himalayas of India and Nepal, where he was able to assimilate and integrate his knowledge. 

His philosophy is to create a supportive environment and safe space for people to discover their full potential and inner transformation so they move away from their limited beliefs of the past, enabling a sense of freedom, more clarity and purpose.

Reiki is a therapeutic energy healing technique that promotes the reduction of stress and anxiety through relaxation and gentle touch. 

"It is truly a blessing to work with KiminoGirl as they are revolutionizing fashion in a glorious way in the new age. I truly believe they are onto something magnificent.

I have had the honour of partnering with KiminoGirl in recharging the clothes with high frequencies and it is evident of the potent reverbaration of the outfits. They shield the wearer in protecting against certain energies and in maintaining a high vibration in various environments."