Head of Design

Reka Szabo

As a fashion design graduate, Reka spent several years working for renowned womenswear fashion brands. While initially exciting, after six years of full-time designer work, Reka found herself feeling unfulfilled and craving something more. In search of a new challenge, she started her own company, SKIN Companion, which focuses on fashion design and brand consulting to help bring amazing, vision-driven brands to life.

It was through serendipity that Reka met the team at KimonoGirl, a unique Energy Fashion brand that is revolutionizing the industry. As soon as she heard about the concept, she knew that KimonoGirl was onto something exceptional and that the world was ready for it.

“Designing for KimonoGirl is a fascinating challenge, to create a beautiful armour that will not just protect and empower the wearer, but as well shine their confident and uniqueness to the world” 

Head of Social

Marta Roosmäe

Born in a peaceful, small town in Estonia, Marta knew that small city life was not for her. She decided to make the move to the bustling capital, Tallinn, and began a career in the fashion industry as a fashion buyer. After several years, Marta felt the desire for new experiences and transitioned into sales and marketing. It was during this time that Marta stumbled upon the concept of the Law of Attraction and learned about the transformative power of energy.

Marta was immediately drawn to the mission of KimonoGirl, a fashion brand focused on empowering individuals through Energy Fashion. She was fascinated by the idea that making just a few key changes, such as wearing Energy Fashion, could completely alter our path and shape who we become. As a member of the KimonoGirl team, Marta loves creating beautiful social media content to inspire and motivate others to unlock their full potential.

I am so fascinated by the fact that just a few significant changes in our lives, for example wearing Energy Fashion, can totally change the direction we are going to, and who we are becoming.”

Energy Master

SAM Nassiri

Sam is a holistic wellness expert who has dedicated his life to helping others find their inner transformation and reach their full potential. With certifications in yoga instruction and Reiki energy healing, as well as a background in the corporate world and extensive studies in the sacred Himalayas of India and Nepal, Sam has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from.

His philosophy is centered around creating a supportive, safe space for individuals to let go of their limiting beliefs and find freedom, clarity, and purpose.

"It is a blessing to work with KimonoGirl as they are revolutionizing fashion in a glorious way in the new age. I truly believe they are onto something magnificent.

I have had the honour of partnering with KiminoGirl in recharging the clothes with high frequencies and it is evident of the potent reverbaration of the outfits. They shield the wearer in protecting against certain energies and in maintaining a high vibration in various environments."