To help women realise their unbounded potential and innate power through the practice of self-love, gratitude and compassion, all whist looking glamorous.


Margeri founder of Real KimonoGirl

Margeri was born and raised in a loving and liberal family in Estonia, a tiny fairy-tale like country in northern Europe. At the age of 8 she became captivated with the teachings of Buddhism after stumbled upon a book 'Meditation for children', and so began her spiritual journey of self-discovery. 

As she grew so too did her knowledge. Expanding between spiritual growth and her studies at art school, her unlimited outlook on life and all its possibilities allowed her to tap deeper into her inner source of power.

After living with Monks in a temple in Nepal, attending ayahuasca ceremonies and absorbing a plethora of spiritual practices, she somehow found herself at the top of the corporate ladder, in London. The perfect life?

Fast-paced and fired up Margeri found herself frustrated by the inequalities of this sector and was again beckoned by her inner spiritual calling.

She mustered up her courage and left the corporate world behind. Packed lightly and set out to travel the world to reconnect with herself.

Each day along this journey of rediscovery she wore a Kimono. She noticed how she felt transformed wearing her kimonos, beautiful, graceful and strong, a Goddess liberated and capable of anything.

It was then that she realised what she had found, and so KIMONOGIRL was born.



"Having encountered so many women who share a feeling of lack and unbalance, I wanted to show them how to awaken their inner Goddess and achieve a positive transformative shift for themselves.

Made with absolute integrity from exquisite fabrics, each piece is individually created with incredibly skilled hands and blessed with love and gratitude."