KimonoGirl is an Energy Fashion brand that aims to empower and inspire people around the world to embrace their unique beauty and inner strength. Through the practice of self-love, and gratitude, we believe that anyone can tap into their unbounded potential. With our magical kimonos, we aim to help our ambassadors not only feel good on the inside, but also look and feel their best on the outside.


Margeri founder of Real KimonoGirl

Margeri was raised in a loving and open-minded family in Estonia, a small but enchanting country in northern Europe. From a young age, Margeri was drawn to the teachings of Buddhism and embarked on a spiritual journey of self-discovery.

As she grew, she continued to expand her knowledge through spiritual practices and art school studies, tapping into her inner source of power and developing an open, limitless perspective on life and its possibilities.

After living with monks in a temple in Nepal, attending ayahuasca ceremonies, and gaining a wealth of spiritual knowledge, Margeri found herself at the top of the corporate ladder in London. However, despite this seemingly perfect life, Margeri became frustrated by the inequalities in the corporate world and felt a strong pull to reconnect with her spiritual calling.

Margeri mustered up the courage to leave the corporate world behind and set out to travel the world, packing lightly and seeking to rediscover herself. Along the way, she wore kimonos every day and noticed how they transformed her, making her feel beautiful, graceful, and strong, like a liberated goddess capable of anything.

It was this realization that inspired Margeri to create KimonoGirl, an Energy Fashion brand that empowers individuals to tap into their inner strength and grace.


“I want to help women awaken their inner Goddess and bring about positive transformation in their lives. That's why I created KIMONOGIRL, a brand dedicated to empowering women.

Our pieces are crafted with the utmost integrity and love, so that every woman who wears them can feel enveloped in gratitude and grace.”