How do we Energy Charge KimonoGirl kimonos?


A symbol of longevity and good fortune, our kimonos are woven in India, a country of enormous spiritual significance.

India is perceived by people from across the world, of all races and religions, to be spiritually charged. The fabrics used in our kimonos are like the sacred geography of India’s mountains, rivers forests and villages, interwoven with the myths and stories of the gods, goddesses and heroes. The reverence of her nature and spiritual practices have provided wellbeing and healing still used today by people across the world. Each garment is created with love. Handmade using a traditional craft that has been handed down through generations of women providing them with upliftment and support for their families and community.

Each kimono is individually embroidered with a unique elemental mantra which holds a very powerful meaning.
Mantras like affirmations are used to focus the mind on a positive concept. This process has been used across medical, religious and spiritual practices to provide an easy and fast way to settle your mind and body. When you settle your body, close your eyes and begin to repeat your mantra or an affirmation placing focus on your breathing, your heart-rate lowers, your brain becomes more coherent and your bodily functions turn from “fight-or-flight” to calm and restorative.
Over time you will be able to calm yourself faster in challenging situations using this practice. It will equip you to make better decisions enabling your body to maintain vital functions to keep your body safe from stress induced health problems and strengthen your immune system.

A sacred blessing ceremony is performed with our Energy Master to charge your Kimono with positive energy frequencies.
Becoming an Energy master takes a lifetime of practice, dedication, compassion and service to all beings. Our Energy Master preforms a sacred prayer over each individual kimono for an abundance of love, health, energy and prosperity. These blessing may help to clear energy blockages allowing for balance and to promote healing.
You retain the energy of your kimono by practicing gratitude daily for everything you have in your life now and for the gifts of abundance that are to come. Even the hardships we face are a gift to build our resilience and sometimes a guide towards the right path.

Energy fashion high frequency clothing

Your Kimono is specially packed and hand delivered to retain its magic.
Every detail from conception to the moment it arrives in your hands is an energetic transmute of love from KimonoGirl to you. A personalised card, also known as 'Letter from the Universe' is included holding your mantras and chants to help you open up your energy centres.
KIMONOGIRL is committed to supporting you with ongoing guidance and keeping up your good vibrations through her Goddess resources and magical clothing.

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