Tips & Tricks: How to Activate, Charge and Retain your Energy

We have created this article to assist you with effective practices you can apply to your everyday life to help heal, rejuvenate and retain your high energy frequencies.



You have probably heard this a million times but learning to forgive is probably one of the easiest ways to start clearing your energy because it releases limiting past  emotions that have no use to you anymore and when you do this practice, life will start to present new opportunities. Write it down! Every single thing that weighs on your mind that you would like forgiveness for as well as the people you would like to forgive for harm they may have cause to you, knowingly or un-knowingly. Ready this over and over until you can feel a shift in you emotional connection to these events until you really do feel you can let go. Now burn it or wrap it around a rock and throw it into the sea or body of water.



Loving yourself may seem uncomfortable at first, especially scene as most of us look in the mirror and focus on what’s wrong with us because the media has painted a picture for us of what is acceptable. When you start your day off, look in the mirror, smile brightly and tell yourself “I love you”. It may seem crazy but you will soon notice a shift as the cells in your body begin to respond and you feel more energised, that nagging morning headache may be gone, those sagging bags under your eyes may become less noticeable and how awesome is it to be greeted with a sincere smile. Repeat throughout your day in loops the words “I love myself”, especially when you find your thoughts drifting to negative patterns. This practice alone has allowed people to experience significant weight loss, elevated self-confidence and reduced depression.

mirror writing



There is a saying that that universe rewards gratitude with more of the same thing. So put simply if you are grateful for the love you share with your family and friends, the money you earn, the food in your cupboards and the body that serves you so tirelessly, well you will get more and more of that good stuff.



Like washing your face and brushing your teeth, we recommend starting your day off with at least 20 minutes of sacred time that you set aside for yourself, before anyone or anything has the opportunity to derail your day. Guided meditations are the easiest way to familiarise yourself with the practice and YouTube has hundreds of amazing channels you can subscribe to for free. Feeling a bit flat in the afternoon? Instead of making a cup of coffee that will keep you up at night, take 10 minutes to do a mini meditation, you will be blown away by the recharge it can give you, even if you have to sneak into the toilet with your headphones at work.

Here are some of our favourites:


Jess Shepherd

Dr Joe Dispensa



Inside and out cleansing daily is imperative but beyond the obvious it is important to take it a step further every few weeks to shed physical build-up of toxins that can deplete your energy. Starting with your insides, your digestive system is phenomenal, made up of billions of bacteria that keep your internal microbiome in check and regulate your immune system to keep you running optimally. You can really help it out by doing a 3-5 day juice cleansing either at home if you have the equipment and proper recipes or finding a reputable juice bar that offers this service, the best part if you do it this way is your meals are good to go and no dishes for a few days. Your skin will glow and you will be bursting with energy. Shifting to a plant based diet or 2 days on 2 days off flexitarian diet is one of the easiest ways to maintain your balance and a fast way to loose extra body fat. 

Skin brushing before you shower or bath is an effective way the stimulate the lymphatic system and remove dead skin cells, brush upward towards your heart starting at your arms then your legs and then up your torso. 

For maximum efficacy pair this with a cold water shower, otherwise know as the Wim Hoff method, there is unbelievable benefits to starting your day off like this. Also a lymphatic stimulant and incredible way to boots your body’s natural immune response and build up resilience and you just feel amazing! It is a bit of a challenge but amazing when you get your head around it.


Get your sweat on! Find something that makes you happy and moves you. Try to combine a body strengthening practice on one day and a cardio exercise on alternate days such as walking fast, running, swimming, dancing or climbing stairs. Yoga is a brilliant place to start when it comes to strength practice because it encompasses so many of the energy enhancing practices into one, stability, flexibility, movement, breathing, focus and meditation. 



Are you aware that crystal are used in watches, plugs, lasers and hospital objects because of their powerful energy conductivity? So powerful, they can balance out electric currents to stop equipment from exploding. This is due to their elemental compounds that hold energy, much like our bodies do.

Believed to have a similar vibrational frequency to the human body, crystals may help enhance the body’s natural healing process by restoring balance, most effective when paired with a positive mindset. Many ancient cultures used crystals for healing, today crystals in all their beauty are used by alternative healing practitioners and can be found in healing and decorative jewellery, water bottles as purifiers and facial and massage rollers to name but a few. Each type of crystal is linked with healing attributes and may be used in their singular form for focused cleansing or combined.

Although no peer group studies have been performed to prove the efficacy of crystals all faculties do agree that mindset and focused meditation on the powers and benefits of each crystal can assist in manifesting healing, but should not be used solely when treating severe diseases. 



Simple way to boost your energy, is to wear Energy Fashion. Wearing your KimonoGirl kimono which is already brim-full of positive energy will set you on your way.

Energy fashion is unique and the first of its kind in a market of energy brands that has been primarily focused on talismans, jewellery and fragrances. Healing, balance and abundance is experienced simply by wearing your KimonoGirl garment thanks to the 7 step energy charging process which keeps your frequency elevated and your energy high allowing you to unlock and retain your super powers.



Our urbanised and synthetically enveloped lifestyles have disconnected us from one of the most valuable and easily accessible energy recharging tools – Mother Earth.

The soles of your shoes and the barrage of electromagnetic currents passing through us daily causes the disruption of biologic rhythms that may manifest in elevated anxiety, hormonal imbalances, poor sleep, inability to focus and depleted energy.

There has been a lot of scientific proof surrounding the positive effects and benefits that grounding or Earthing can have on balancing and recharging our bodies, naturally. Grounding is simple and can be achieved by removing your shoes and standing barefoot on grass, soil, in a body of water or in the ocean for 30 minutes or more each day to get a measurable increase in your physiological energy charge. Lying with your full body against the earth or going for a swim in the sea or a lake has an even more energising impact, you may well have experienced this energising sensation after a swim in nature.

How it works is like this; when we are in direct contact with the Earth's natural electric charge, our negative ions are elevated (this is a good thing), these are molecules that exist in nature and have been charged with electricity from sources such as a thunderstorm or colliding water from breaking waves or a waterfall. Repeated exposure stabilises our physiology at the deepest levels including your DNA and some benefits are improved immune function, reduced inflammation, pain, and stress, increased metabolism, vibrant energy, regulated sleep patterns, improved cognitive function and an overall elevated feeling of well-being.

Take time out in nature and while you are there don’t forget to wear your kimono, kick off your shoes and wiggle your toes in the sand or the water, because when you CONNECT to nature you are quite literally plugging in for a recharge.



Candles have been used for hundreds of years by most religions and healers from across the world as a means to connect the powers of mind, body and spirit.  

Burning candles changes the vibrational frequency and their naturally calming effect helps to restore harmony and balance and can help to unlock blocked emotions and  clear stagnant energies. White invokes purity and peace, Black expels negative energy, Red is connected to the root chakra and stimulates passion and love, Orange is connect to the naval chakra for healing trauma, Green is for health, abundance and luck, Blue represents forgiveness, Lavender improves your confidence and soothes the soul, Peach helps to rejuvenate the soul and Magenta is the colour connected to spiritual healing.

In her book Candle Therapy, Catherine Riggs-Bergesen guides the reader through the benefits and magic that candle therapy can provide whilst also sharing what affirmations, colours, fragrances and steps one may take along their journey.

We recently came across a beautiful Energy Brand that increases your frequencies through fragrance and candles, it is called Vyrao. 



You know how a favourite track on the radio can remind you of a special night with the girls, feeling so good it had you busting your best moves on the dance floor. Now imagine learning to quickly invoke good feelings just by sitting in a quiet space, closing your eyes and listening to music that is designed to heighten your ability focus in the present moment, lower your heartrate and reset you completely. Sound baths have this effect and are an excellent tool to rebooting your energy balance. You can try these online, go to a yoga class that offers this practice or attend a workshop.

Technology has also stepped in to use sound to enhance all aspects of our lives as well, apps like Endel uses sound frequencies in melodies to activate brainwave states, enabling enhanced relaxation, focus or even stimulation for activity.



Animals are so easy to love, their affection is unconditional and scientific research has proven again and again that animals hold some of the most potent healing powers for anyone, especially people suffering with mental illness or fatal disease.

Animals tune into our frequencies so acutely that they usually know your reactions before you do and are really good at spotting people with bad vibes or sensing severe storms or earthquakes.

Giving back is a very rewarding therapy so next time you are feeling down in the dumps consider contacting your local animal shelter or sanctuary and go spend a day volunteering, the animals not only relish your love but you will feel completely fulfilled. Sign up for regular visits and you to keep up the good charge.


There are so many more practices to increase your energy and sometimes that is simply watching the sunset with your best friend. We want you to enjoy exploring energy charging and find what works for you so you can add it to your lifestyle with consistency, to keep you happy and energised

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