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Sw•Eng•Lan•Ese is one of the well known Podcasts in UAE, ran by Barry and Oskar who are two entrepreneurs based in Dubai. Coming from different backgrounds with different experiences and in many cases differing opinions the two of them have both proof and of course opinions of what is required to be successful.

The Podcast is talking the language of business in the UAE, entrepreneurial to enterprise, startup to established multi national and so on. 

Episode 73: Let’s talk about Mindset, Our Perceptions of Success, and What an Energy Fashion brand really is. 

On this episode of the podcast Barry had the chance to speak with Margeri Ottis who is the Chief Energy Officer at her company KimonoGirl – an Energy Fashion brand. The niche is something that Barry had not heard of before, so having the concept of the business explained in detail was both insightful and fascinating.

Margeri talks about her upbringing and her start in the corporate world that lead to the decision to start KimonoGirl and talks about how sometimes what we have in mind as ‘success’ and who we are, can actually be a little off the mark.

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As a small start up business Margeri is keen to grow and scale, as such she is always interested in speaking with people who may be interested in partnering or investing in the business – so connect with her on LinkedIn to have those discussions and go check out KimonoGirl on Instagram or at their website.


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