KimonoGirl Takes the Middle East by Storm: Forbes Middle East Features Rising Fashion Trend, Energy Fashion

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KimonoGirl Forbes Middle East

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An increasing demand in the Middle East for Energy Fashion... Have you ever thought about trying it?

Author-  Nancy Bahmad-نانسي بحمد

'Energy Fashion' is attracting increasing interest from investors and consumers around the world, and currently, it is in demand in the Middle East as well.

This type of fashion goes back to old habits adopted by those interested in the field of energy in many countries such as Indonesia and India, and now, it reappears to meet a great demand from investors who believed in the impact of the energy around us.

Many people do not believe in the importance of energy science in human daily life, but some believe that everything that surrounds us today is based on positive and negative energies that directly or indirectly affect our lives.

Energy Fashion is aimed at independent women who appreciate the finer things in life, eat healthy food, exercise and meditate, especially those who desire a serene and essential fashion-loving experience.

Founder Margeri Ottis told Forbes: “These kimonos charge our mood and energies with positive, high frequencies that affect our daily lives. This is a fact that we cannot ignore.”

Margeri Ottis, owner of the KimonoGirl brand, launched a set of "4 Nature's Elements Collection" that represent the four elements of nature-  Air, Earth, Fire and Water, with the aim of creating a personal balance when wearing this kimono that dates back to more than a thousand years.

Learn more about them at KimonoGirl website and let us know about your personal experience with Energy Fashion.


KimonoGirl Forbes Middle East


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