Let's talk about the Magic of Crystals

We believe in the power of crystals at KimonoGirl

There is so much great information available online with regards to the incredible healing powers of crystals and how you can incorporate them into your personal energy maintenance and elevation.

KimonoGirl is all about seeking the best ways to help you on your energy journey and so we decided to take a different stance with this blog post and connect with Kay Li who has personally experienced the healing power of crystals and was so inspired and motivated by their magic that she started her business OOAKSTONES (One-Of-a-Kind Stones).


Kay Li is a Hong Kong-born fashion designer that has been living in Dubai for over 10 years. She is also a reiki practitioner and a mommy of 2 children, and it is on her daily agenda to inspire her kids to take a holistic approach in their everyday living; mind, body and soul.

During her crystal discovery journey to learning their energy vibrations, she realised that there is a lack of uniquely beautiful crystals with a reasonable price tag. She decided to import her own crystals and founded OOAKSTONES to bring in these unique earth treasures to share with like-minded people.


How long have you been using crystals and what inspired you to start using them?

It was 2018/2019 when I found myself lost career-wise, it was then that crystals presented themselves to me. I had no prior knowledge of the healing power of crystals or that this even existed. Crystals were, to me, found on a chandelier or in glasses… not as an energy emitting mineral/specimen.

One day, someone mentioned something about amethyst to me. The image of the amethyst formed in my mind and the following day I could visualize the exact shape and size I should include in my life. For 3 days straight, it was my life’s goal to hunt down this piece of crystal. Once I held it in my hand, everything else was history.



Clearly, crystals made a big impact on your life because you decided to create a business around them. What was this impact, and how did you set out to source the right crystals and suppliers?

Once crystals found me, my life turned around completely. I was feeling lost, anxious, insecure, and down, I didn’t know what to do with my life. I felt the crystals had shown me a different possibility and clarity. I am not just talking about creating my business, but life in general, I finally understood and accepted the What, the How, the Why of my life’s mission - as if the fog lifted.

Since I was a kid, I was recycling and creating art about Mother Earth. This planet interests me. Even with my fashion brand, doing things sustainably was in-grained in the DNA. And this carries over to OOAKSTONES as well when it comes to sourcing or any aspect of our operations.

Sourcing crystals are very difficult to navigate. Sourcing in the right way is downright murky. There is no paper trail when it comes to sourcing crystals. Unless you mined the crystals yourself, everyone depends on what their suppliers relay to them. On average, crystals change hands 8-10 times before finally landing in the final customer’s hand. How can we ensure all our suppliers know the stories of their crystals? I had a very good rapport with a few crystal shops that I frequented as a customer. These shop owners carry the same values as me and I told them my plan at the time and asked them if they could point me in the right direction when it comes to sourcing.


What can people do to make sure they are getting ethically sourced crystals? You mention an energy signature that comes with the crystal's journey.

It is important to understand that the term “Ethical sourcing” is subjective. Unlike organic produce, there is no certification or criterion to satisfy to be able to claim “Ethically” sourced.

We, at OOAKSTONES, believe the “Ethical” method needs to be observed in every single crystal journey step to qualify as ethical sourcing. From mining methods to safety conditions of the mine / lapidary factories, to fair pay for each person involved.

As mentioned, there is no paper trail and retailers rely on their suppliers for information. Hence if I am not there to oversee every step of the crystal journey, and I can only rely on 3rd hand or 4th hand information, I CAN NOT brand OOAKSTONES as ethically sourced.

Having said that, there are many crystals in our shop where I have met the person (the miner) that collected the crystals and handed them straight to me or wholesalers that deals with and collects them directly at the mines. Then we can claim those lots to be ethically sourced. We also strive to shorten our supply chain and be as transparent as possible, many of our Zambian/raw specimens only change hands twice (Miners - wholesaler - OOAKSTONES) vs the average 8.

One might ask why we care how crystals were sourced? Crystals emit and store energy, imagine if the miners weren’t paid fairly and were constantly worried about how to put food on the table? How about the artisans without safety equipment and who are sick? What kind of energy would the crystals then carry? Or conflict crystals that carry the trauma of the land?

So, in short, we really do care deeply about clean energy crystals.

Ethically sourced crystals

What are your top 5 most powerful healing crystals and why?

Clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, black tourmaline, and selenite are the MUST-HAVE in every crystal collection.

Clear quartz is the master healer, and you can even request your clear quartz to “act” as another crystal. Super useful if you are on a tight budget.

Rose Quartz is about love - the most powerful energy.

Amethyst for spiritual enlightenment.

Black tourmaline for grounding and protection. 

Selenite to help us to stay in and bring the light in.


How do you go about convincing sceptics about the healing powers of crystals - if you do try to convince them?

I don’t. There is no point. When people are ready, crystals will find their way to them, as they have found me. There is no denying how they have impacted my life and I don’t need to prove that to anyone. If people are curious, simply get a crystal or 2 and have them around you and see the difference yourself. Just remember, energy is subtle, so pay attention.

There are sceptics that kept throwing science at us crystal folks. I believe science is still playing catch up. Can science really explain NDE (Near Death Experience)? religion (faith)? what we feel and sometimes what we see? If you don’t go challenge a priest with science, then don’t come to challenge us crystal folks on what we do with our crystals.


What are some great crystal resources that you use personally - books, websites etc?

I research a lot and take a lot of classes, not just on crystals but also on rock formations etc., to understand crystals better. One must not limit ourselves on studying the metaphysical properties of crystals but also look at humanity as a big picture to understand the roles of crystals in this universe and in our lives.

Of course, like a crystal reference book, Crystal Bible (vol 1,2, and 3) by Judy Hall are a great entry point.


Do you have any recommendations for women suffering from severe menstruation pain or menopause?

Obviously, go verify with your GYN if there is anything physically wrong. Crystals can never replace conventional examination and medicine.

Moonstone is traditionally great for women for its balancing ability, especially peach moonstone. Amethyst helps to remain calm and in control. Crystals are only part of the holistic formula; one must also look at his/her lifestyle - what you eat, how you manage stress and keep your body active to truly feel the difference in their well-being.


You have some gorgeous carved crystals, what combination/s makes for a powerhouse gift.

Clear quartz clusters are a great all-around energy booster, it is suitable for both home and workplace. Depending on where you want to place the crystals, rose quartz and amethyst or pink amethyst are great crystals to include in your home. 

Rose quartz


What is the best way to care for and restore the energy of your crystals?

Crystal can store "information" each time it changes hands.  From the moment a crystal is extracted from mother earth; the miner that dug it out, to the chain of sellers/lapidaries/wholesalers, before it arrives at your home, it has been absorbing many different energies and attachments that need to be discharged and cleansed before claiming it to use for your higher good. 

In order to maintain your crystals and keep them vibrating at an optimal level, they need to be cleansed and charged regularly. Depending on the shape, form and type of the crystal, you can choose the appropriate cleansing and purifying method to discharge any residue energies.

Full Moon Light
Full moon energy is a powerful method to cleanse and charge crystals.  Simply place your crystals next to the window or outside in a safe space overnight.
Suitable for: all types of crystals

Natural Water
Place your crystal under running natural water or in the ocean, river or mineral water for a few minutes to cleanse and re-energize them.
Not Suitable for soft delicate and porous crystals like selenite/celestite.

Sound vibration Move a vibrating singing bowl above the crystals for 2-3 minutes. Suitable for all types of crystals.

Other Crystals
Lay your crystal on an amethyst cluster or a selenite charging plate overnight to dissolve residue energies. 

Salt has been used in many different cultures to banish and purify negative energy. Lay your crystals on salt crystal rock or sea salt for 1-2 hours. An indirect method using a cloth is highly recommended. Not suitable for soft delicate or porous crystals. 


We hope you are inspired to surround your space with these natural gems provided by Mother Earth to heal yourself and your whole family. Not only are they beautiful to look at but they serve as the perfect element to centre yourself with when meditating. They are sure to spark conversation with friends and family and what a great way to educate people and share in their benefits.

Kay is your go-to girl If you want to find out more about how crystals can help you on your journey. Or perhaps you want to spoil a friend or family member with something truly special. Connect with her

Email: info@ooakstones.com

Shop: https://ooakstones.com/

Instagram: @ooakstones

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