Afternoon with the founder of KimonoGirl, Margeri Ottis. Let’s talk about entrepreneurship, Energy Fashion and healing through clothing

Not too long ago, we started a business to empower women. Whilst working on our brand, vision, and product designs, we stumbled across a totally new concept, “Energy Fashion”. We explored deeper into this idea and realized there is a real opportunity with clothing that can, through an energy infusion process, allow you to experience a better life. And so KIMONOGIRL, an energy brand was born.

The fashion industry is saturated with fleeting trends and here-today-gone-tomorrow products and so we chose to design garments that transcend timelines, empower people, and are created in synergy with our planet. Beyond that, KIMONOGIRL garments both resonate with and protect your energy field, like magical armor.

KimonoGirl collection with the founder Margeri Ottis


Do you believe in the power of energy? We do! In fact, it is scientifically proven that energy surrounds us and we ourselves generate a tremendous amount of energy, and it is vitally important to keep this energy positive. You may well have experienced this firsthand; some people are vibrant and after spending time with them you feel inspired and energized, counter to this some people just drain you leaving you feeling exhausted, otherwise known as energy vampires.

There are different ways to keep your energy elevated; some of the typical ways include staying in a positive headspace, being active, eating clean healthy foods, and avoiding polluted environments. In addition, wearing clothing from natural fibers assists and supports your body’s natural biorhythms.

Energy Fashion draws on both science and spirituality to create garments that offer the wearer a measurable elevation in positive energy and life experience. Scientifically speaking, all matter in the universe, on earth, the human body included, is made up of energy. As you travel deeper into our make-up from our body down to its systems, tissues, cells, molecules, and atoms the very thing that binds our matter together is an energy field.

Understanding this principle of the universal, earthly, and bodily energy fields, healers from across the globe, from different traditions and religions have successfully been practicing energy healing for centuries, through different tools and platforms.

KIMONOGIRL Energy Fashion has combined all the principles of science and energy healing into Kimonos that give the wearer the power to unleash their inner Goddess.

Simply by wearing this magical piece of clothing you can increase your energy levels because of the high energy frequencies we have integrated and its ability to retain this.


As individuals, we resonate with certain natural elements and when in contact with them feel inexplicably elevated and energized. We chose the earthly elements FIRE, WATER, AIR, and EARTH as the inspiration for our collection as they are believed to be the critical energy forces by ancient and current day cultures.

KimonoGirl fire kimono energy charging with Energy master

We perform several energy activating steps when charging each KimonoGirl Energy Fashion garment.

Our collection was designed with exquisite attention to detail and we chose to use natural silk to create each KIMONOGIRL garment. Silk exudes opulence, has a luxurious feel and unlike other natural textiles is created from a long unbroken thread which attributes to its ability to tune into and hold a vibration. Silk is three times stronger than Kevlar, the material used to make bulletproof vests. It is for this reason we have chosen to create our kimonos out of this thin yet effective and powerful armor.

A symbol of longevity and good fortune, each kimono is woven in India, a country of enormous spiritual significance. The fabric is delicately spun, woven and hand-dyed employing craftsmanship and techniques that have been handed down for centuries.

Each garment is individually hand-stitched and embroidered with an elemental mantra that holds a very powerful meaning. Mantras when practiced allow us to place our energy in the present, allowing us to naturally lower the heart rate, de-stress and recharge.

A blessing ceremony is performed with our Energy Master to charge each Kimono with clean and positive energy frequencies. This cleansing process includes a gratitude blessing to all those who combined their skills to create the garment and the person who will wear the garment. When you practice gratitude, you open yourself up for abundance.

Every kimono comes with a Letter from the Universe, holding your mantras and chants to help guide you and open up your energy centers to activate your kimono. KIMONOGIRL is committed to supporting you with ongoing guidance and keeping up your good vibrations through her Goddess resources.


Margeri was born and raised in a loving and liberal family in Estonia, a tiny fairy-tale country in northern Europe. At the age of 8 she became captivated with the teachings of Buddhism after reading a book, and so began her spiritual journey of self-discovery.

As she grew so too did her knowledge. Expanding between spiritual growth and her studies at art school, her unlimited outlook on life and all its possibilities allowed her to tap deeper into her inner source of power.

After living with Monks in a temple in Nepal, attending ayahuasca ceremonies, and absorbing a plethora of spiritual practices she somehow found herself at the top of the corporate ladder, in London. The perfect life?

Fast paced and fired up Margeri found herself frustrated by the inequalities of this sector and was again beckoned by her inner spiritual calling.

She mustered up her courage and left the corporate world behind. Packed lightly and set out to travel the world to reconnect with herself.

Each day along this journey of rediscovery she wore a Kimono. She noticed how she felt transformed wearing her kimonos, beautiful, graceful, and strong, a Goddess liberated and capable of anything.

It was then that she realized what she had found, and so KIMONOGIRL was born.

"Having encountered so many women who share a feeling of lack and unbalance, I wanted to show them how to awaken their inner Goddess and achieve a positive transformative shift for themselves”.


When starting KIMONOGIRL we did not realize that the concept we had stumbled upon had not yet been explored. In fact, nobody has done energy fashion at all or implemented the same principles and practices we have developed. There are a handful of energy brands, from jewelry to fragrances, but no other brands in this sector.

Initially, we were very excited but soon realized that not only would we have to work hard to get the new business running, but we would have to build a new market and educate people about our brand. Not an easy task because ‘Energy Fashion’ is an entirely unique concept and understanding its’ application is pivotal to its’ success. We decided to set out with thick skin, a creative mindset, and lots of patience. That’s what startups are all about right?

We also took our time finding the right manufacturer to build a relationship with, because we insist on ethical practice and gender equality to ensure the best possible working conditions.

Whilst it has been quite an overwhelming task to take on a new business venture, it is a very exciting opportunity with the global changing mindset. Society is on the cusp of a spiritual evolution; global consciousness and the practice of self-awareness is expanding as people are realizing that happiness comes from within. More and more people are regaining their balance by spending money on wellness retreats, vacations in nature, and self-healing experiences to restore their energy. There is also a constantly expanding awareness of ancient energy healing practices that is filtering into our mainstream media and healthcare facilities, so energy healing practices are becoming a part of our lives.

Not too long ago, yoga and meditation were perceived as ‘odd exercises’ from the East. These mindfulness practices are now being integrated into our schools and workplaces because they are proven to help achieve balance faster with higher instances of happiness and job satisfaction being recorded in individuals.

We are living in crazy times and now more than ever is essential to be kind to ourselves and those around us. One of the easiest yet most overlooked places to start is by practicing compassion for yourself because let’s face it, you cannot pour from an empty cup. When you raise your energy frequencies you increase your capacity to express compassion to others and share your love and kindness.

Our energy brand, KIMONOGIRL, was created with the mission to help you elevate your energetic frequencies and improve your life experience. Acting as both protective armor against external negative energies and a restorative encapsulating shield to increase your positive energy vibrations, KIMONOGIRL is clothing that heals.


The advice I would give to other businesses is to start with your WHY. Why you are choosing to create this business, don’t confuse it with How and What, but Why. It is easy to get confused and lose focus but starting with ‘Why’ will keep you grounded on your mission, right from the start. This approach also allows you to answer difficult questions that your business may encounter and serve to keep you on track during your journey.

KimonoGirl founder Margeri Ottis

Make sure to get as much exposure as possible. In our case, we continuously explain what KIMONOGIRL and Energy Fashion are, how it is different, and why we are doing it. Sometimes it seems repetitive, but you never know who happens to be in the audience or group of people you are presenting to.

Be creative… even ‘silly’ ideas are good ideas. Try them all. Relentlessly, just try them one by one until you see what works best. What works could be something you would never imagine being the ‘money maker. It only takes one catalyst event, to get you on the map.

And finally, to all the newbies out there, be patient. It is easier said than done, I totally understand, I had difficult times coming to terms with it. But good things always come to the ones that wait and are resilient.

To stay in touch with KimonoGirl and learn more about Energy Fashion, follow us at @realkimonogirl

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