Water Shibori Tie-Dye Silk Kimono

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The water kimono represents intuition, healing, and inner reflection.

Water is accorded cleansing power and regarded as the most powerful as well as the most life-sustaining element. Instantly regenerative, water is symbolic of healing, purification, strength, rebirth, and unconditional love.

This kimono has embroidered mantra inside of the placket and is fully energy-charged with high frequencies.


Water Kimono

Blessed with invigorating vibrations, this REVERSIBLE and traditionally shaped Japanese Water Kimono is created using an ancient Shibori tie-dye technique for one side. Combinations of folding, stitching, and twisting are used in the process so, as the reflections of water in the ocean, the pattern on each garment is entirely unique.

The reverse side of the kimono is indigo blue silk with Shibori trim on the deep pockets and ends of the sleeves. This kimono comes with 2 belts, for both sides.

The luxurious silk of this kimono moves and feels like water on your skin.

Your Water Mantra: ‘Ho'oponopono’

‘Ho'oponopono’ originated in Hawaii as a healing method based on forgiveness.

The ho'oponopono prayer goes like this: “I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you.” As you chant this mantra visualise the person that has wronged you or the person you have wronged and say ‘ho'oponopono’ to them in your mind.



Outer 100% COTTON

Reversed 100% SILK



This kimono is a One-Size garment, that fits from Small to Large.

Our model is 5'10 (177cm) tall. Her standard dress size is a UK 8/10.

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