Haute Couture Fire Kimono

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Fire kimono symbolises incredible energy and is the source of freedom, passion, love, creativity, and courage.

This kimono has embroidered mantra inside of the placket and is fully energy-charged with high frequencies.


Fire Kimono

This potent fire kimono resembles the dynamic movement of flames. Pleated fiery red is layered to create dimension and the flowerlike flames are designed to come alive as the wearer moves.

Every element on this garment is handmade and stitched on separately. The beautiful hand-embellished beaded placket with the fire mantra is embroidered by expert crafts-women who have handed this technique down through generations. 

Each kimono takes 70h to make.

Your Fire Mantra ‘Mana’

Fire was considered to be the first element that was born when the universe was created, believed to represent the spiritual life force that permeates the universe. The mantra ‘MANA’ is derived from the Melanesians and Polynesians and is seen to hold great energy and healing power. 


Inner 100% SILK

Outer 100% PL



This kimono is a One-Size garment, that fits from Small to Large.

Our model is 5'10 (177cm) tall. Her standard dress size is a UK 8/10.

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