The Secret Power of Femininity

What is Feminine Power?

When you think of feminine power, what comes to mind? Is it the Nanny? Maybe Madonna? No, Beyonce! Either way, the idea of modern femininity does not depend on gender but energy. Both genders, men and women, possess both masculine and feminine energy. However, to understand this, we must first understand what femininity is and where it comes from.

Femininity is energy cultivated through various actions. Much like yin and yang, masculine and feminine energy exit simultaneously. One cannot exist without the other. Thus, they coexist in a balance. Historically, men are perceived as masculine, having more yang energy. This means that masculine energy lies within qualities like protection, hunting, doing, assertiveness, conflict-inducing, and being hard. On the other hand, women, or rather feminine energy, possess qualities like nurturing, gathering, being present, passive, peaceful, and soft.

In a society that values masculine power, it's difficult to see the value of femininity. Both yin and yang need to exist to create a balance in the world and oneself. Not every situation requires assertiveness. Not every circumstance requires passivity. Sometimes you need to assess a problem to know which energy to utilize. However, in a world that values masculine energy, many women have lost touch with their inner divine feminine and choose to cultivate their masculinity for survival.

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Why is Feminine Power Important?

Feminine power, while important, is difficult to define or measure. It is easy to compare to masculine energy since these are on opposite sides of the spectrum from each other. Masculinity is expressed through doing, while feminine power lies within being. Masculine energy is aggressive and portrayed outwardly for the world to see. Feminine power is more mysterious and inward. It is secretive, only for the right people to experience, if you are worthy enough to. Feminine energy does not concern itself with how much of something it has but rather the quality of the substance. There is no competition, only inclusion, and acceptance.

If you desire to tap into your femininity, here are five tips to increasing your power.

5 Ways to Increase your Feminine Power

1. Embrace Emotions and be Vulnerable

The strength behind feminine power lies within feelings and emotions. Having the ability to feel the world around you and, in turn, feel emotions from within is a skill that not many people have mastered. It allows for understanding and vulnerability. While the masculine solves problems straight-on, loudly, the feminine seeks to empathize and deescalate. Allowing yourself to embrace your emotions leads to understanding how to deal with them with little energy. Emotions are not weaknesses. They create a mentally strong person who can deal with people from all walks of life.

2. Immerse Yourself in Nature

Feminine power relies on the ability to connect with the world around you. Feminine energy feels secure in nature, and grounding brings you back to focus. By simply going for a walk or gardening in your backyard, you enter a meditative state that allows your thoughts and feelings to be accessible. It clears your mind leading to a deeper connection within the self.

3. Energy Fashion is Healing Fashion

Feminine power exists in expression and creativity. Clothing is a way to tap into your artistic integrity and share your innermost self. It is a tool used to express who you are and what you feel about the world. While femininity is rooted in the power of being, clothing helps to say what is unsaid. Energy fashion is a quick way to tap into your inner power. Wearing clothes charged with positive energy raises your vibrations which in turn attracts positivity to yourself. It aligns you with a higher vibrational frequency that allows for increased levels of energy and cellular recovery. With this mindset, your outlook on life becomes more positive, and your appreciation for life increases. Thus, healing your divine feminine and creating a safe space for self-expression.

4. Connect with Your Intuition

Feminine power is also rooted in your intuition. Listening to your intuition is tricky because it is not an internal monologue that lives inside your head but a signal expressed from the nervous system in your body. It is communicated to you through gut feelings or guided by your emotions. It is when you feel something is right or wrong, even if you have no tangible evidence. It cant be externally proven. It is trusting yourself and your instincts. You can get in touch with your intuition by meditating because it urges you to calm your mind and connect with your body.

5. Be Present in Your Everyday Life

Connecting to your feminine energy is about being in the moment and embracing what life brings. It is about stopping to smell the roses and finding beauty in the mundane. It is about "la vie en rose," or seeing life through rose-colored glasses. It is okay to romanticize your life. Go for a walk. Buy a pastry to satisfy a craving. Go for a picnic in the park. Read, meditate, indulge. The point is to immerse yourself in life around you and allow yourself to relax and have fun. Free your mind and release control. Embrace the idea that life is not happening to you, but it is happening for you.

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