KimonoGirl Joins Wolf & Badger: Platform for Independent and Ethical Brands

Silk Kimonos independent brands wolf & badger


We are delighted to announce that KimonoGirl is now available at Wolf & Badger, one of the world's largest platforms for independent and ethical brands.

Wolf & Badger is a renowned global online marketplace with physical storefronts in London, New York City, and Los Angeles. Their platform showcases over 2000 brands, and they have built a loyal community of millions of people worldwide.

Wolf & Badger's mission is not only to introduce limited-edition, sustainable, and high-quality products to its global community but also to provide a much-needed platform for independent brands to thrive.

As a brand focused on Energy Fashion and mindful fashion, we are thrilled to be selected by Wolf & Badger.

Our collection of exquisite silk kimonos will now be accessible to a wider audience through this esteemed online boutique.

Visit our storefront on Wolf & Badger to explore our range of women's wear and join us in celebrating the love for ethical and independent fashion.


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